Saturday, 10 November 2012

AngerIndex - week 5 Chart

We have a new number 1 and a couple of new entrants - Roger Federer and One Trick Ponies.

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1 Foreigners who protest on our behalf.  The boot has been on the other foot this week as we have been looking across the pond at the elections in the US.  The BBC's coverage of the US election has been a low point in patronising and biased reporting.  No lover of The Mitt myself its been maddening to listen to the liberal has beens at the Beeb present Republicans party and their supporters as deranged lunatics.  If I was an American living in London I would be demanding a refund on my TV licence fee.  3/+2 2 2
2 Working with visionless Muppets -  Holy cow, quite unexpectedly I find myself feeling respect and admiration for the Management.  We are going through the budget planning  process for 2013, which involves close scrutiny of this years performance.  2012 has been an Annus Horribilis for me and the my team - and I was expecting to be pulled through the wringer for this, but instead the messages were of support and sympathy!  this may not last but it was certainly appreciated - credit were it due!!  That was written on Monday - it couldn’t last.  They can't connect dots, they communicate in an unbreakable code, they're unbelievably smug and the make my blood boil. 2/0 5 5
3 Getting old and decrepit - Having recovered from the cold,  a mixture of tennis and leaf blowing has had a chronic effect of my lower back.  With 90% of the leaf fall to come this could be terminal. I've noticed that it becomes very noticeable when you get to 50 that you get aches and pains that have no apparent cause.  In the middle of the week my right knee started aching when I got out of bed - how did I injure myself sleeping alone?  When your 20 you know why aches ache (they're mostly in the groin) when your 50 you have no idea (but they're rarely in the groin) 4/+1 5 5
4 Cyclist - With increasing certainty I expect to end my days under the wheels of a cyclist who is careering the wrong way down a one-way-street.  Other black spots include pedestrian crossing and pavements.  I hate them all. 0/+16 1 3
5 Crafting PowerPoint presentationsBig week on this, bashed out endless Roadmaps, Landscapes, High level Plans and even some Architectures.  Give me strength! 9/+4 5 5
6 Tory MPsIt’s all of them now.  There is quite a pronounced correlation between people who want to be Tory MPs and unconventional (not say unspeakable) personal behavioural standards.  I think the politics of the Right has this problem in so many countries and it’s a dilemma.  Great policies, clear thinking coupled with piss poor execution, dreadful communication and often woeful moral standards (All Hail to Berlusconi,  Romney, Sarkozy, etal).  But would I vote Socialist? 7/+1 2 2
7 Being the solution to this country's debt crisis - A standard Car serviced my arse, it cost me the best part of my weekly wine budget.  We could have purchased a newish car for the cost.  Lunch will be from Tesco Express not Corney & Barrow 12/+5 5 5
8 My own inefficiency; the trouble it causes and the time it wastes.  I have become trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare involving the bureaucracy of the Vehicle Licencing Authority involving an untaxed car without and off road permit or, it now seems, an proof of ownership certificate.  This means that I can’t move the car to MOT it and without and MOT I can’t licence it – moreover without a certificate of ownership, I can’t own it.  It’s a virtual car only its sitting in my drive. 1/-7 5 5
9 The BBC -  Bad week for Aunties Paxo and Dimbleby.  Terrible coverage of the US election and the obviously anti Romney slant became a cliff of biased reportage.  Also, why do we have to have such old men presenting the news, clear them out please. 14/+5 5 5
10 One trick Ponies - A new moan.  In many professions there are people who are actually only good at one thing, never more so than in the Comedy business.  So many comedians have a single line - most of this stems from where they come from (race, country, region, etc)  and all they can do is to tell dull jokes against themselves and their kind.  I went to an office do last night where a dull gay comedian spent 2 hours amusing no one - not even my charming gay client. 0/10 1 1
11 Fellow travellers on the 06.33 - I have had a bad week.  On Monday it was a computer programmer who types like Keith Moon played the drums.  A today it's a charming young Mum and her insufferable daughter, the little blighter has just sneezed and spewed up a pint of snot.  It’s absolutely true to say that children improve with age; those who think that 2-6 is the golden age are insane 13/+2 3 3
12 Roger Federer - He is back and for good reason. I played tennis in my normal convivial Four last weekend and I played like a drain.  This may have something to do with the fact that I allowed myself to be hoodwinked into re-stringing my racket with a special (expensive) configuration of strings to maximise top spin.  What a mistake I timed one shot all morning and we lost 6-4 in the third set. 0/8 1 2
13 Lifts and the people who get in them with me.  So often, just as the door is about to close a foot jams its way into the gap and following a long struggle with the mechanism a quite fit bloke emerges into the lift and proceeds to press the first floor button.  When you ask 'why they didn’t consider walking'  he is unable to reply as the lift doors are already opening on his floor 18/+5 5 5
14 Grown men who play computer games. As a gentle Kindle user I am horrified when someone next to me on the train fires up their ipad and starts watching some soft porn movie - have they no shame. 11/-3 5 5
15 Being viewed as an out of touch, reactionary, toff.  I got some stick at the company do this week about this but actually it made me feel pretty good about myself 7/-12 5 5
16 Men who wear big watches. It’s a fact; the lower the grade in IT the bigger the watch, it must be a right of passage for these over paid plumbers.   15/-1 4 4
17  Single issue political Parties - We can now include the labour party in this basket - who have become a single issue party for the class war - sadly for Milibrain this may not appeal to all those in the middle class and those aspiring to be upper or middle class, which maybe about 70% of the electorate 16/-1 5 5
18  Men with overly short haircuts - This is a bit of a class thing apologies but it just offends 17/-1 5 5
19 Poorly parented kids (of any age) including my own -We celebrated my eldest daughters 21st birthday last week and I was able to reflect what a great job we have done - or more likely - how well she has done despite us 5/-14 2 3
20 Keeping the temple shipshape.  The weight thing is now a really issue - I am back to three holes showing in my belt having been a four hole guy (that sounds horrible) for well over a year 20/0 2 2
Dropped Why Weeks in the chart Total charted weeks 
Having a full fridge / freezer  Wife was away this week 3 3
 Rain  Weather improved 4 4
Football  The office bore is away 3 4
Dropped in prior weeks Why Total charted weeks 
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